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Vivida Assistans is a company certified by IVO to carry out disability care throughout Sweden. We exist to simplify everyday life for children, young people and adults, who are in need of care. The disability care is facilitated in accordance with the customers’ requests and our core values: care, responsibility, competence and trust, in order to ensure care-free lives for our customers.

Why Vivida started

Vivida was founded due to an unhappiness with the unreliable business sector of disability care. With a strong conviction of being able to improve the level of professionalism, we started with the purpose of offering high quality care, with customer insight and participation. Vivida is run in accordance with a strong ethical value system and we see quality assistance as the result of a healthy balance between care supplier, carer and customer.

Our organisation

Vivida Assistans' business idea is to offer tailor-made care to disabled children, young people and adults across Sweden. We take care of all aspects of the disability care of our customers, such as recruiting, staffing and related responsibilities as well as legal advice and administration.

Our organisation aims to be inclusive of the customer, open to insight and of the highest quality. This will be achieved through good staff welfare, high availability and respect for the individual.

The vision of Vivida Assistans is to be the leading supplier of disability care in Sweden. By leading we mean to be a forerunner in, and a leader of, the development of the sector.

We have workplaces across the whole of Sweden where our carers work. Our main office is in Örebro but our employees regularly visit workplaces across the country to meet customers and carers. In the main office you will find legal advisors, care managers, administrative personnel and the management team.


Since the beginning Vivida Assistans has been a value-based company and we continuously pursue improvements in social responsibility, humanitarian issues, working conditions and environment. This work originates in our core values as well as the UN Global Compact.

Our organisation is built on the core values: care, responsibility, competence and trust. The core values are rooted in all of Vivida Assistans’ employees and constitute the foundation of all decisions made within the organisation. When recruiting, care is taken to ensure that the values of each recruit matches the values of Vivida Assistans.

Our core values are a product of cooperation within the organisation and we continuously work to maintain and develop them in order to keep them alive and present.

Vivida is relational

Possibly the main reason why customers and carers chose Vivida Assistans as their care supplier and employer is because we value relationships. We believe that relationships build trust and we know that trust creates the right environment for good care. Good care is what we set out to supply our customers with.

We are R-licensed

In October 2008 we gained the so-called R-license due to our work with the core values. The R-license is a unique seal of quality that identifies companies and organisations who have committed themselves to maintaining the highest quality when it comes to business ethics, credibility and ethical responsibility towards customers and co-workers.

At the time of writing, Vivida is the only disability care supplier with the highest license, the Gold license, which we attained in 2015. For more information please go to


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